Is being apolitical an option anymore?

It is time to voice your opinion on crucial issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) before things take a turn for the worse.

The government of India has been trying, for quite a while now, to create its own narrative on the issues of CAA and the proposed NRC (which might be brought into the parliament sooner than you think) and they have succeeded to an extent. But the students led protest actions in various parts of the country along with the insensitive and ill-timed actions of our police forces have been a source of irritation for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

But a large part of our country is not going out in the open to protest about how the police (and by extension our government) has behaved with the students and how our politicians and news media have tried to demonize those dissenting against the recent policies (read CAB and NRC) of the state. We can segregate them into three groups.

Those who are petrified of Saheb and his cohorts

The might of the right-wing politicians led by our very own Saheb (calling him out openly leads to loss of jobs and/or jail time, something that can be pretty unnerving) and their supporters scares away a huge chunk of our population from voicing their dissent. These groups include people involved in the business sector, academia, media and entertainment or even ordinary citizens like you and me. They believe that the BJP and their trolls will make their life much more difficult if they say a word against their policies. And that is unfortunately true. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that politicians can be brutally vindictive and they can use innumerable methods to make you fear for your life before even thinking of going against them.

To be honest, I empathize with this group and their sense of insecurity. For them, the stakes are way too high at the moment (even if the actual reality might not be so grim) to jeopardize either their career prospects or the safety of their loved ones by going against those in power. Some of these individuals have power and influence of their own and they know that both CAA and NRC are a sham and that implementing it will put a lot of lives in jeopardy apart from creating divisions (both on the ground and in people’s minds) that will take years, if not decades, to undo. But many of them are seriously considering the option of openly opposing the policies of Saheb (and the crooks surrounding him) and eventually, they will make their presence felt in these protests because they have a conscience that cannot be held imprisoned within the confines of anxiety for long.

Those who are a part of our ‘Nationalist Brigade’

They are the ultimate bhakts (followers) of our Prime Minister and they endorse our government’s initiative wholeheartedly. Their favorite pass time is to ask everyone else to ‘Go to Pakistan’. They are vociferous in their defense of our Prime Minister and his initiatives. It is a different matter altogether that they have fallen for the right-wing propaganda hook, line and sinker and they live in an alternate world of post-truths.

Many of these people were closet sanghis before 2014 elections and now they have come out in the open with the surety that this government is pandering to their interests. These people have a right-wing ideology and they are immensely proud of it. They know that both CAB and NRC are tools to accomplish their unfinished agenda of a ‘Hindu Rashtra where Muslims either rot in detention camps or are driven out of this country. And it unites them in their unflinching desire to see that it happens. It is just that some of them are more open about their agenda than others but they all want to achieve the same goal which is a nation is primarily for the Hindus where other people’s religions (especially Muslims and Christians) are treated as second-class citizens.

Those who proudly call themselves ‘Apolitical’

They are the indifferent lot or the so-called ‘Apolitical class. These people are the ones who are neither affected not bothered about the events that took place since the 9th of December. Although this group includes people from all walks of life, a majority of them are from the middle and higher-income groups.

They may very well know of the systematic and endless injustices faced by the people of our country but they do not want to get into it because its way too inconvenient for them. I am not judging them one bit but I do know that they are working very hard day and night to insulate themselves from the madness that goes on in the name of politics. This crowd includes several people who were actively involved in defending and promoting their political ideologies not that long ago, but disappointment at the hands of their idols left them with nothing but utter disillusionment. But they cannot stay out for long because every time they vow to disassociate themselves from politics, a ghastly unconstitutional and divisive law like the Citizenship Amendment Act wakes them up from their self-induced exile and compels them to jump back in the middle of the protests where they truly belong. And then they will be just too hot to handle for the fascist rulers. All they need is a cause to fight for.

For the others who still want to encapsulate themselves in their hunky dory world, a time will come when they have to abandon their facade because the injustice that is prevailing all around our society will get to them however much they try to evade it.
Alas by that time it might be too late to change things.

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