Stop blaming someone when they are hurting

It’s never easy to see people around you in any sort of discomfort, be it mild or severe, be it physical or mental.

It’s painful not only for them but for you as well. You want them to get out of that pain as soon as possible. But sometimes that soon isn’t soon enough. And that can become a source of frustration.

Blame games won’t help anyone

Such state of affairs can lead us to blame the whole situation or even that person when they are also trying their best to get out of that pain. You may feel that they are not doing enough to get out of that pain but that’s not true. They are doing everything they can.

Even when you think that they have given up it’s not because of lack of trying. They actually did everything that they could have at that time to find a way. And maybe the failure in doing so has hurt them so much or brought a sense of hopelessness in their minds because of which they do not want to proceed any further.

Empathy goes a long way

It then becomes important for us to not give them more pain by making them feel bad in any way. If we don’t have a solution to their problem all we can do is sit with them and give them all the strength that we can. At the same time we can look for the solution together.

Sometimes they do not want to talk about that pain or even talk about anything. Sometimes people just want to be left alone. And it hurts a lot when they don’t want to share their pain with you. Or when you cannot be in touch with them.

Unconditional support

In those situations all you can do is to let them be. You can’t control or force them in any way. You can’t make the fear of losing that person a reason to intrude in their space when they don’t want you to.

And you can’t blame yourself either for not doing enough. You did your best and that was all you could do.

It’s not your responsibility to prevent others from their suffering. You are not here to save anyone. You are just here to support them while they try to get the best out of what they have.

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