Is being apolitical an option anymore?

It is time to voice your opinion on crucial issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) before things take a turn for the worse.

The government of India has been trying, for quite a while now, to create its own narrative on the issues of CAA and the proposed NRC (which might be brought into the parliament sooner than you think) and they have succeeded to an extent. But the students led protest actions in various parts of the country along with the insensitive and ill-timed actions of our police forces have been a source of irritation for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

But a large part of our country is not going out in the open to protest about how the police (and by extension our government) has behaved with the students and how our politicians and news media have tried to demonize those dissenting against the recent policies (read CAB and NRC) of the state. We can segregate them into three groups.

Those who are petrified of Saheb and his cohorts

The might of the right-wing politicians led by our very own Saheb (calling him out openly leads to loss of jobs and/or jail time, something that can be pretty unnerving) and their supporters scares away a huge chunk of our population from voicing their dissent. These groups include people involved in the business sector, academia, media and entertainment or even ordinary citizens like you and me. They believe that the BJP and their trolls will make their life much more difficult if they say a word against their policies. And that is unfortunately true. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that politicians can be brutally vindictive and they can use innumerable methods to make you fear for your life before even thinking of going against them.

To be honest, I empathize with this group and their sense of insecurity. For them, the stakes are way too high at the moment (even if the actual reality might not be so grim) to jeopardize either their career prospects or the safety of their loved ones by going against those in power. Some of these individuals have power and influence of their own and they know that both CAA and NRC are a sham and that implementing it will put a lot of lives in jeopardy apart from creating divisions (both on the ground and in people’s minds) that will take years, if not decades, to undo. But many of them are seriously considering the option of openly opposing the policies of Saheb (and the crooks surrounding him) and eventually, they will make their presence felt in these protests because they have a conscience that cannot be held imprisoned within the confines of anxiety for long.

Those who are a part of our ‘Nationalist Brigade’

They are the ultimate bhakts (followers) of our Prime Minister and they endorse our government’s initiative wholeheartedly. Their favorite pass time is to ask everyone else to ‘Go to Pakistan’. They are vociferous in their defense of our Prime Minister and his initiatives. It is a different matter altogether that they have fallen for the right-wing propaganda hook, line and sinker and they live in an alternate world of post-truths.

Many of these people were closet sanghis before 2014 elections and now they have come out in the open with the surety that this government is pandering to their interests. These people have a right-wing ideology and they are immensely proud of it. They know that both CAB and NRC are tools to accomplish their unfinished agenda of a ‘Hindu Rashtra where Muslims either rot in detention camps or are driven out of this country. And it unites them in their unflinching desire to see that it happens. It is just that some of them are more open about their agenda than others but they all want to achieve the same goal which is a nation is primarily for the Hindus where other people’s religions (especially Muslims and Christians) are treated as second-class citizens.

Those who proudly call themselves ‘Apolitical’

They are the indifferent lot or the so-called ‘Apolitical class. These people are the ones who are neither affected not bothered about the events that took place since the 9th of December. Although this group includes people from all walks of life, a majority of them are from the middle and higher-income groups.

They may very well know of the systematic and endless injustices faced by the people of our country but they do not want to get into it because its way too inconvenient for them. I am not judging them one bit but I do know that they are working very hard day and night to insulate themselves from the madness that goes on in the name of politics. This crowd includes several people who were actively involved in defending and promoting their political ideologies not that long ago, but disappointment at the hands of their idols left them with nothing but utter disillusionment. But they cannot stay out for long because every time they vow to disassociate themselves from politics, a ghastly unconstitutional and divisive law like the Citizenship Amendment Act wakes them up from their self-induced exile and compels them to jump back in the middle of the protests where they truly belong. And then they will be just too hot to handle for the fascist rulers. All they need is a cause to fight for.

For the others who still want to encapsulate themselves in their hunky dory world, a time will come when they have to abandon their facade because the injustice that is prevailing all around our society will get to them however much they try to evade it.
Alas by that time it might be too late to change things.

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28 thoughts on “Is being apolitical an option anymore?

    1. I disagree. Any nation that is formed solely on the basis of religion is a problem. Not just the fact that 14 million people were killed and several millions displaced, the minorities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are still suffering because of this decision. Not to forget the people of Jammu and Kashmir who have lived through absolute torture for generations and continue to do so.


    2. Religion is the base of life…..Muslims are formed on this base and struggle is their blood and faith…Minorities of Pakistan live peacefully protected more than the majority…and Kashmiri is and unsolved agenda and shall be solved soon


    3. Muslims are having a tough time in India precisely because of what Jinnah did. And if he and Hindu Mahasabha would not have fanned communal passions like they did, India would have been a more harmonious place for Muslims to live. The moment you try and divide people based on their religion, region, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, caste etc. you invite them to fight against each other and even kill each other.


    4. Sorry but I disagree on the defence of Jinnah. I feel that he weakened the cause is Muslims in our country and my friends in India are suffering because of what he, his party and the Hindu Mahasabha did. I am not sure if this argument will ever end so we can agree to disagree on this issue. He should have cared for all Indians instead of only worrying about the Muslims of India. The Hindu Mahasabha committed the same crime and cared only for the Hindus instead of caring about all Indians. And as much as they say they hated each other, if you check you will find that both Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League were in coalition government in Bengal, Sindh and NWFP in 1939 and both of them opposed the Quit India movement for which Congress leaders went to Jail.


    5. yes but all the folds uncovered in urdu-hindi controversy…Jinnah cared about every nation and coined two-nation theory for all nations to have a homeland of their own and live freely…Secondly if some of you still think tat two-nation theory was vague then you must stop every struggle and live as sub-ordinates to Hindu nation…Kashmiris do believe in two nation theory so are fighting otherwise they could live with bearing each and every cruelty..


    6. I don’t think so. If the two nation theory was so good then why did Bangladesh separate from Pakistan? And why is Pakistan in such a terrible state where even Muslims like this, Baloch, ahmadiyas and hazaras are persecuted. Don’t even talk about the state of other religious minorities in Pakistan. They are even worse off. In India also there is problems for not just minorities but even the liberal people. Same in Bangladesh. Two-nation theory was the worst possible solution that anyone could have come up with. Both Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha are responsible for the largest man made massacre and displacement. Even Congress is not entirely blameless but it had some very good leaders who went to jail while both HM and ML were busy communalising the whole country.


    7. Bangladesh separated because they were marginalized by West Wing and i believe that this was their right to get free home because they could not get their rights. Secondly minorities of Pakistan are living happily and for Ahmadiyas, it is their propaganda to spread hatred against Pakistan because they were declared as a minority. It was the state of terrorism which has been vanished from Pakistan by our Armed Forces and the killing what happened here is not the state-owned. In India the state itself is doing the massacre. You should come and visit Pakistan to look for minorities and now we are benefiting minorities from abroad as we did in Kartarpur Corridor.
      Wherever a nation has majority they can form a homeland of their home. Right to pick arms for freedom is also granted by UNO.


    8. There is no point in you trying to selling the government propaganda and it is more important to ask yourself if every citizen in Pakistan has equal rights and respect or not. You do not have to agree with everything that others say but you can’t disagree with the truth. To brand a whole group of people like Ahmadiyaas as liars to suit your narrative will not hide the truth of how they have been persecuted. And freedom struggle does not mean that you can get away with killing innocent people and throwing people out of their homeland.


    9. Never selling government propaganda….Just trying to tell you that Ahmadiyas carved out a liar as their prophet so no more could be called as Muslims….And Pakistanis are happy…The corrupt system does suppress their rights but that never means someone is persecuted..


    10. Can’t agree with you. Have seen enough news from Pakistan to know that many groups are killed or are put in all sorts of trouble there because of their beliefs. And the fact that you are ready to vilify the whole Ahmadiya community because of government’s lies tells me that you want to believe their version which is your right but that does not make it the truth. Not saying that things are perfect in India because that would be a lie. Every country has their problems but instead of denying it and saying that everything is alright, you would serve your country more by first accepting those problems and then dealing with it the way you can.


    11. We do accept the problems and have dealt with them by doing military operations and clearing the terrorist groups here and will continue to do so..and for beliefs Pakistan is the fort of Islam so we have to protect the beliefs of Islam and cannot allow any second or third to come up and proclaim prophethood..that is much clear…


    12. That’s exactly what I am talking about. Who are you to allow or disallow another person from believing in what they want? Its their belief and as long as they do not impose their beliefs on you or make you do something that you are not comfortable with, no one has any right to vilify them or justify any kind of violence against them. And how can a country claim to be a fort of a particular religion? Religion is an idea and a way of life that is timeless and boundless and something that cannot be restricted within finite space be it a home, a place of worship, a state, a country, a continent or even a planet.


    13. Islam is never going to be limited and will keep spreading….Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and it is a laboratory for testing the teachings of Islam….We are not imposing any belief but those who dont believe Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the last messenger can never call himself a Muslim


    14. It is up to them to call themselves what they want to. You or me or anyone else do not have any right to stop them from calling themselves whatever they wish to. You don’t have to agree with them but that is it. If Ahmadiyaas want to call themselves Muslims, its their wish. No one has any right to stop them from calling themselves whatever it is that they want to. And telling someone that you cannot call yourself a Muslim because you do not believe in Prophet Muhammad is also imposing your belief on them.


    15. I can discuss whatever I want to. Anyone who wishes to not discuss things with me is free to ignore whatever I say . I do not look at people based on their religion or their definition of God. It is my right to speak for those who I feel are being unfairly targeted because of what they believe or not believe in. And Ahmadiyaas are targetted unfairly.


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