Sometimes you may not know where you are going – And that’s perfectly okay

It takes courage… to endure the sharp pain of self discovery rather than choose the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives – Marianne Williamson⁣

We avoid anxiety like plague.⁣

But it is that same anxiety that gives us moments we could have never dreamt of.⁣

It’s also the same anxiety that has to power to change our lives if can overcome it.⁣

All of us have a picture of how our future should really look like.⁣

But life always has other plans for us. I understand that it can get pretty frustrating to see all your work, all your planning, all those sacrifices go down the drain but that’s how things really are.⁣

We live in a world where nothing is certain and there will always be some sharp turn around the corner just when you are getting too comfortable with your routine lifestyle.⁣

When that turn comes, things can go haywire. It can get really confusing and you may not know where your life is headed.⁣

And that can be a very scary feeling. When you know that you have absolutely no idea as to what’s coming next.⁣

That can bring in a lot of anxiety, depression or even guilt. Nothing about your life seems good anymore.⁣

You feel like doing something drastic to get out of your situation but nothing seems to help.⁣

But that’s okay. Because adversity gives you a chance to really know yourself and readjust your priorities.⁣

It lets you make a fresh start. And that can be truly liberating.⁣

To know that whatever may have happened before, you can look at the present with a renewed sense of hope.⁣

To know that, regardless of what others say, you have the freedom to drop the baggage of your ideal future and make the most of your life in the here and now.⁣

So it’s alright if you don’t know where you are gonna go. No one does. They think they know it but they really don’t.⁣

And that’s how things are meant to be.⁣

Sometimes you don’t realise your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness – Susan Gale

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